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An Afternoon in Atlanta : Through My Eyes

Decided to take a little afternoon stroll last Saturday and of course, I took my camera. The Grant Park/Inman Park area was festive between the much appreciated nice weather (that us Atlantans had not seen in quite a while) and the almighty Bacon Fest at Dad’s Garage.

We grabbed some sandies and Jack slushies from Victory, visited a couple of local shops, hit up Krog Tunnel, and continued aimlessly through the Inman area for a few hours, even finding some amazing artwork that a local photographer was just giving away for free. We made him accept a donation that we offered to show our appreciation of his artistry and then continued on our way.

I could use a few more days like this in my life.

Photos © 2013 Sean David Harris. All Rights Reserved.

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SeanAn Afternoon in Atlanta : Through My Eyes

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