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aviatorWhile most of my time on my recent trip to California was spent taking photos, I did manage to take some video on a beautiful day at Lake Del Valle in Livermore. I thought that would be an excellent time to break out my new Aviator Travel Jib – so I did just that.

The Aviator is super light and compact making it really easy to travel with. I simply tossed it in one of my check-in bags along with my tripod and that’s it. The Aviator fits perfectly in the supplied carrying case along with all of the included accessories. I didn’t want to travel with cumbersome weights so I just used rocks that I found at the lake to level off the jib.

For it being my first time using the jib in practical conditions, I am happy overall with the results. I was using a light, middle-of-the-pack tripod and the wind that day was fairly rowdy at times, but still I managed to get some great cinematic shots only possible with the help of a jib. Also, I decided to use a ball head to try and achieve different angles easily. Next time, I will probably just mount the camera directly to the jib without the ball head in order to gain added stability with less weight. I still need some practice in order to get those perfectly smooth shots but I feel like I will get better with time.

The fact that this jib breaks down to 24 inches, weighs less than 4 pounds, and can be set up in roughly a minute makes it a truly useful piece of gear for any cinematographer.

Official Website – http://www.aviatorcameragear.com/

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SeanAviator Travel Jib

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  1. Desiree Smock

    Hi, Sean – thank you for your review and the on-the-scene photos. I’m wondering how long it took you to set up the Aviator Jib? Was there anything about using the Jib that surprised you? I ask because I’d be using it for the first time as well, if I purchase one and it would be interesting to know if the Jib met your expectations. Was operating it simple enough to figure out quickly or did that take some time? Thanks!

  2. Post

    It really takes no time to set up once you have it balanced correctly. Might want to test out how much weight you will need prior to your shoot. Then, as long as you don’t change lenses or anything like that, you should stay balanced throughout your shoot even if you have to pack it up and change locations. Happy shooting!

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