Magnets and Ghosts – Hold On [Official Music Video]

‘Hold On’ (Official Music Video)   Working with Magnets & Ghosts on this project has been an awesome experience. Passion for the creative arts just pours out of these guys. When we first sat down in July and began talking about doing this video, we quickly came to realize that we shared a common love for the arts and in …

SeanMagnets and Ghosts – Hold On [Official Music Video]
MAG_The Earl-1

Magnets and Ghosts : 8.24.13 at the Earl, Atlanta

It’s not everyday that the band you are photographing tells you they want you to be “experimental”. As a photographer, you salivate at the opportunity to break rules and think outside the box. Well this is precisely what I was told before Magnets and Ghosts took the stage to perform for a packed house at The Earl in East Atlanta. …

SeanMagnets and Ghosts : 8.24.13 at the Earl, Atlanta

New Fiona Apple and Paul Thomas Anderson Collaboration

  So it appears Paul Thomas Anderson and Fiona Apple have made amends. The two, who were ‘romantically linked’ about a decade ago, recently collaborated on a video for Fiona’s song “Hot Knife” off her latest album  The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do.  These …

SeanNew Fiona Apple and Paul Thomas Anderson Collaboration
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Canon 5D Mark III News : Uncompressed HDMI vs. RAW

Canon has finally released their 5D Mark III firmware update bringing uncompressed HDMI output and cross-type autofocus at f/8. This update ironically comes in the same week that Magic Lantern has released one of their most surprising developments to date, the possibility of shooting 2K RAW video on the 5D Mark II and III. The Magic Lantern development is currently …

SeanCanon 5D Mark III News : Uncompressed HDMI vs. RAW

Aviator Travel Jib

While most of my time on my recent trip to California was spent taking photos, I did manage to take some video on a beautiful day at Lake Del Valle in Livermore. I thought that would be an excellent time to break out my new Aviator Travel Jib – so I did just that. The Aviator is super light and compact making it really easy …

SeanAviator Travel Jib
Music Video

Win a FREE Music Video

Are you an up-and-coming artist/band in the Atlanta area? Do you want a music video that can help take you to the next level? Then this contest is for you!   We are looking for a new artist to create an amazing music video with. We will help take your concept from the drawing boards to reality. No concept or really …

SeanWin a FREE Music Video
Inman Park-1e

An Afternoon in Atlanta : Through My Eyes

Decided to take a little afternoon stroll last Saturday and of course, I took my camera. The Grant Park/Inman Park area was festive between the much appreciated nice weather (that us Atlantans had not seen in quite a while) and the almighty Bacon Fest at Dad’s Garage. We grabbed some sandies and Jack slushies from Victory, visited a couple of …

SeanAn Afternoon in Atlanta : Through My Eyes
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The Art of the Steadicam

Here is a homage to one of the most important pieces of cinema equipment ever invented, the Steadicam. Developed in the mid-70’s, the Steadicam allowed filmmakers to get smooth camera movements on all surfaces. Cameramen were able to get the camera off of a tripod and into the action of the scene, making the camera essentially another character in the …

SeanThe Art of the Steadicam

Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Cards

I would like to share a really helpful product for those who like to view and share photos on the go. Eye-Fi memory cards might seem like your standard run-of-the-mill memory cards on the surface but they offer one very unique benefit to photographers. They connect wirelessly from your camera to your computer, tablet, or smart phone (via an free easy …

SeanEye-Fi Wireless Memory Cards

Kick-Ass 2 Teaser Poster

Here is a new character poster for Kick-Ass 2  featuring Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars and Stripes. You gotta love a good Jim Carrey close up! In this sequel, Colonel Stars and Stripes forms a team with other Kick-Ass inspired heroes. Kick-Ass joins them while Hit Girl retires, attempting to create a normal life for herself. Kick-Ass 2 arrives in US theaters on Aug. 16 …

SeanKick-Ass 2 Teaser Poster
band of toys

Band Of Toys

[gn_media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAbKXp7CP0g” width=”600″ height=”400″] This video was created by music producer Giuseppe Acito. His “Toa Mata Band” consists of a combination of Lego figurines programmed to play different electronic instruments, drum machines, sequencers, and even video games. He uses the MIDI sequencer app Nord Beat on his iPad in combination with an Arduino Uno to control the band of toys.       …

SeanBand Of Toys