Dropbox. Whatever you need, when you need it.

Have you ever wished that you could have access to files on your home computer from your laptop or mobile phone?

Have you ever needed to share a file with someone only to find that the file is too large for email?

If you are like me, then the answer is yes – and I have just the answer for you. Dropbox is a free service that provides the solution to all of your file sharing troubles. It’s completely secure, private, and allows you to set up share folders that are only visible to those who you invite.  If you don’t invite them, they can’t access- simple as that.  There are a lot of great tutorials and info out there about Dropbox so I won’t get into all of the powerful uses.  I mainly just want people to know that it is available because it amazes me how many do not.

The free online account starts you off with 2GB of storage and allows you to earn more by doing simple tasks like installing the software to your computer and completing a short tour. The optional software is very intuitive and makes uploading a breeze. Dropbox also offers a mobile app that allows you to upload and access files from your phone.

I use Dropbox everyday for all sorts of different tasks. Whether I need to send a proof to a client or I need access to certain files from the road, I rely heavily on Dropbox for filesharing, accessibility and backup. I’ll even help you get started.  Use this link to create your account and earn an extra 500MB of storage on top of your initial free 2GB without spending a dime….



SeanDropbox. Whatever you need, when you need it.