Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Cards

eye-fi2I would like to share a really helpful product for those who like to view and share photos on the go. Eye-Fi memory cards might seem like your standard run-of-the-mill memory cards on the surface but they offer one very unique benefit to photographers. They connect wirelessly from your camera to your computer, tablet, or smart phone (via an free easy to use app) so that your photos are automatically sent to those devices. I’d like to quickly add that Eye-Fi is not neccessarily a “new” product anymore but it is a product that not too many people seem to be familiar with.

For professionals, Eye-Fi offers a way to check the quality of your images immediately on a larger display than your camera can provide. It also allows photographers to review photos with their clients right there on the spot.  For hobbyists and other photo enthusiasts, this offers a way to share your photos through your favorite social media platform or email without the need for downloading via computer first.

No longer are you limited to using your less-capable smart phone because of it’s simplicity towards sharing. Each Eye-Fi card comes with Endless Memory meaning after images are safely transferred to your device, card space is freed up automatically. Direct Mode allows users to streamline the process without any need for wireless access.  In other words, this can be used anywhere in the world at any time.

Visit Eye-Fi’s website.


SeanEye-Fi Wireless Memory Cards

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