Music Video

Win a FREE Music Video

Music Video

Are you an up-and-coming artist/band in the Atlanta area?

Do you want a music video that can help take you to the next level?

Then this contest is for you!


We are looking for a new artist to create an amazing music video with.

We will help take your concept from the drawing boards to reality.

No concept or really bad creative block?

Don’t worry, we will help guide you through the process…



Submission Rules :


Please send all entries to [email protected] with “MUSIC VIDEO CONTEST” in the subject line.


To enter, please provide the following…


1) name AND a picture of the band/artist

2) a brief write-up describing the band/artist and telling us why you are the best candidate

3) the song you wish to shoot the video for (preferably a mastered studio recording)

4) lyrics for the song (if applicable)

5) concept/location info that you have might have in mind already for the video (if applicable)

6) a contact name, phone number, and email address (this could be a band member or agent)


Fine Print :


We will shoot and edit the video. Shooting locations must be in or around Atlanta or surrounding areas. We have all the gear and experience needed to make a professional quality music video. However, we will not be responsible for the costs of items like additional props, actor acquisitions, etc. We expect the artist to budget in these expenses when thinking about their concept. We realize this is supposed to be a free contest and it is. We are willing and prepared to create your music video on NO budget. But with that said, a small budget could go a long way in turning an average concept into an amazing concept.

In closing, we want this experience to be a collaboration. We want to work with artists who are as passionate and motivated about what they do as we are, but just might not have the resources at the time to do a full blown music video.


SeanWin a FREE Music Video

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  2. Daryll Blakely

    I really appreciate the opportunity. I am so excited because May 31st is approaching and someone will be chosen! This is a once in a life time experience and I have faith.

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    Alright, the moment you have all been waiting for!

    We’d like to start by sending a sincere thank you to all of the talented people who submitted for the music video contest. As music lovers, we had a really enjoyed going through all of the submissions.

    We took into consideration everything from song choice, to concept, to overall individualism. We had a tough time narrowing it down to 5, let alone 1. So we have decided to take the contest to the next level and announce CO-WINNERS! Both of which will be receiving a FREE MUSIC VIDEO!

    Winner #1 – MAGNETS AND GHOSTS

    We look forward to working with this talented rock group from Atlanta. They have a really fresh sound, write amazing songs, and had a killer concept.

    Winner #2 – MAD AXES

    This rap duo is based in Athens, GA and really knows how to throw down. Their music and performances are high energy, and they are really making a name for themselves in the Athens hip-hip scene.

    We couldn’t be more excited to get started with both of these artists and really bring their concepts to life! Thanks again to all who submitted. If you guys know us then you know how much we like doing these contests so be sure to look out for the next one!

    The Helion Visuals Team

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