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Magnets and Ghosts : 8.24.13 at the Earl, Atlanta

It’s not everyday that the band you are photographing tells you they want you to be “experimental”. As a photographer, you salivate at the opportunity to break rules and think outside the box. Well this is precisely what I was told before Magnets and Ghosts took the stage to perform for a packed house at The Earl in East Atlanta. This was the final show on the band’s ‘Light My Flame’ tour and their homecoming after a month on the road was guaranteed to be a special one.

I used this occasion to try and convey a new and interesting look into a live band performance. Unorthodox composition, using light in different ways than expected, varying exposure lengths, candid angles, and post processing were some of the ways I felt I could give a somewhat unique look into the energy of a live performance. Overall I think I was able to capture some special moments. Below are some of the results. I hope you enjoy them 😉

Photos © 2013 Sean David Harris. All Rights Reserved.

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SeanMagnets and Ghosts : 8.24.13 at the Earl, Atlanta

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