New Facebook Sneak Peak



[gn_spacer size=”5″]Facebook has never been afraid of change. As soon as we get used to one feature or another, they seem to throw a curve ball at us. This kind of evolution, or in many cases adaptation, is a big reason why Facebook has been able to stay relevant for so long in a here today, gone tomorrow sort of industry. We have become immune to hearing about these changes and we generally are no longer are surprised by any new announcements, regardless of whether they are about layouts, features, privacy, ect.

But, today Facebook announced their latest upgrade which will come in the form of a major design overhaul. The new design is apparently influenced heavily by the sleek design of their mobile apps and aimed at freeing up a lot of the clutter on our news feeds and walls.

Sounds promising, huh?

No more promotional garbage cluttering up our walls and no more advertisements for things we would never consider purchasing in the first place. It almost seems to good to be true.  But nonetheless, it sure looks and sounds nice. The new design will highlight pictures and also allow users the ability to browse by subject, a little feature they probably learned from the likes of Twitter.


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SeanNew Facebook Sneak Peak