Shoot Local iPhone App

I recently found a free service that could benefit photographers, cinematographers, and location scouts everywhere. Photographers often find themselves seeking out new and interesting locations to take photos in their area. Often on the go with my camera, I was looking for a resource  to help easily find new places to shoot and came across the Shoot Local app for my iPhone.  The app was free and so I decided to give it a try.

While the app is essentially what I was looking for, there was one rather important feature lacking in its usability…. a user base!  The app is basically a forum for photographers to post about different locations they have found during their photographic adventures.  It includes maps to these locations and users can even upload photos.

I think a service such as this is perfect for photographers and location scouts. I can only imagine how awesome this app would be if the community was larger. If anyone knows of a similar service with an already grown user base, please do share. But for now I think I am going to try and spread the word about ‘Shoot Local’. And FYI, I do not work for them nor am I receiving kickbacks.

The official website for the app can be found at


SeanShoot Local iPhone App