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The Art of the Steadicam

Here is a homage to one of the most important pieces of cinema equipment ever invented, the Steadicam. Developed in the mid-70’s, the Steadicam allowed filmmakers to get smooth camera movements on all surfaces. Cameramen were able to get the camera off of a tripod and into the action of the scene, making the camera essentially another character in the …

SeanThe Art of the Steadicam

Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Cards

I would like to share a really helpful product for those who like to view and share photos on the go. Eye-Fi memory cards might seem like your standard run-of-the-mill memory cards on the surface but they offer one very unique benefit to photographers. They connect wirelessly from your camera to your computer, tablet, or smart phone (via an free easy …

SeanEye-Fi Wireless Memory Cards
band of toys

Band Of Toys

[gn_media url=”” width=”600″ height=”400″] This video was created by music producer Giuseppe Acito. His “Toa Mata Band” consists of a combination of Lego figurines programmed to play different electronic instruments, drum machines, sequencers, and even video games. He uses the MIDI sequencer app Nord Beat on his iPad in combination with an Arduino Uno to control the band of toys.       …

SeanBand Of Toys

iPhone 5 Photos Surface

Sometime this year we are to expect a new iPhone (possibly, probably, but not definitely called the iPhone 5). Below are some photos of the new design that surfaced recently. Personally, I like the 2-tone case. And Apple looks to be busting out a new and smaller dock connection as well which means old chargers and other peripherals will not work without …

SeaniPhone 5 Photos Surface